Schilling Distributing Company History

The company was founded January 1, 1950. Herbert Schilling was personally interviewed by August Busch Jr. and as a result of this interview he was offered the wholesalership. First location was a rented wooden warehouse on the corner of Mudd Avenue and Pearce Street.

1952 was the year for Schilling's first award from Anheuser-Busch. The "Sales Managers Club Victory Trophy" was awarded to the company for sales performance.

1957 – Schilling built a state of the art Brick and Concrete Block warehouse on the corner of Stewart and Lucille Streets.

1962 – Schilling expanded across the railroad tracks and built a metal warehouse for Busch Bavarian Beer.

1970 – Metal warehouse was doubled in size.

1972 - Herbert E. Schilling II (“Schilling”) goes to work full time after getting a Degree in Management from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and completing basic training for the Army Reserve. Prior to that he would Bud Man on campus/college sales rep. 

1973 – In July, Schilling became Vice President of Schilling Distributing.

1974 – Schilling Dist. achieved, for the first time, the sale of 1,000,000 cases

1976 – 1979. In the late 1970's Schilling received the bronze, silver, and gold Adolphus awards for sales achievement.

1977 – Schilling Dist. insulated their warehouses and installed a controlled environment system.

1977-1979 – Schilling Dist. was awarded the “Dimension of Excellence Award”. The most prestigious award offered by Anheuser-Busch at that time.

1980 - after receiving the "Dimension of Excellence Award" for four years running, the company received the "Ambassador Award". There were only six other wholesalers in the country that received this award out of 1,400 wholesalers in the country. This award was presented to Schilling by August Busch III for our Opelousas branch location. Schilling was promoted to President of Schilling Distributing Co., Inc.

1981 - Herbert Schilling Sr. passed away, and Herbert E. Schilling became owner and Chairman of Board.

1982 – Schilling Dist. built their corporate headquarters and mechanic shop at 215 East Pinhook

1983 - On April 10, 1983, August Busch III attended our grand opening for our new office building located on 215 Pinhook Road. This new construction included administrative offices, mechanic shop, sales training room, and expanded loading area. August Busch III also presented our second Ambassador Award. 

1983 - For the years 1983 - 1987, Herbert E. Schilling 11 served on the Anheuser-Busch Inc Wholesaler Advisory Panel. He served as chairman of the panel in 1985. He was the youngest chairman ever and remains such to this date (2011).

1991 – Schilling Dist. added on to their controlled environment warehouses.

2001 – Schilling Dist. began distributing Modelo Products (Corona) of which A-B owned 51%.

2002 - Groundbreaking on our new plant location at 2901 Moss St in Lafayette. A-B’s Region 7 Vice President Johnny Johnson attended the ceremony.

2003 - In October, we moved into our new 152,350 square feet facility. This complex includes 56,000 sq ft of refrigerated warehouse, 26,400 of drive thru loading, 10,650 sq ft loading dock, 30,000 sq ft office space, and 10,600 sq ft mechanic shop. This site location can be expanded to meet a 15 MM case sales volume.

2008 – Schilling Dist. expanded their brand portfolio to include beers outside the AB family, and added non-alcoholic products to their distribution.